Brendan Fraser is HOT

Before the movie:

Mom, can we go to the movies?

What movie do you want to see?

Journey to the Center of the Earth in 3-D.

Sounds interesting.. who’s in it?

I don’t know, let me check (click click click).  Ok it says Brandon Fraser.

Do you mean Brendan Fraser?  

B-R-E-N..  ok, yeah.  I guess.

Sure, let’s go!  I love Brendan Fraser.  He’s hot.

EWWW Gross!  Mom!  He’s old!

Old?!?  He’s younger than I am!

Oh.  (giggle, giggle).  Well.  It’s still gross to say he’s hot.  Geez, Mom.


(more giggles)

After the movie:

Hey, Mom, you were right about that guy.

What guy?

The old guy in the movie.

Brendan Fraser?

Yeah.  He’s pretty cool and he’s got muscles and stuff.

Um hmm.

And he was nice and really smart.  I mean, he was a scientist and they’re smart.  And his eyes were..


NO!!  Geez, Mom.



What then?

I don’t know the word.  But you knew what he was thinking just by looking at his eyes.


Maybe that’s it.  Anyway, you were right.

That Brendan Fraser is hot?

(giggles) Mom, he’s not hot like HOT, but he’s hot for an old guy.

Yeah, I think you’re right.