7 Random Weird Things meme

7bookish-things-picYou know that meme that circulates over and over again where the blogger lists random stuff about themselves?  The one everyone and their blogging brother has already done?  I’ve been tagged for that repeatedly but have never done it.  I can’t tell you who tagged me because I generally ignore it.  Today I was catching up at JIll’s blog and she did the meme.  She didn’t tag me but since I’ve been procrastinating on the two book reviews I need to write, I’m going to borrow that meme today.  I always enjoy an opportunity to do some navel gazing, especially when I should be doing other things.  

I think it’s supposed to be a meme of 7 weird bookish things, but since I can’t come up with 7 of those, it’s just going to be 7 random weird things.  I’ll try to find a way to make them all about reading.  So here we go- let’s celebrate the weirdness of me!

1.  My eyesight hit a wall a couple years ago, yet I will go to great lengths not to be seen in my reading glasses. The first time I noticed it, I was trying to read the back of a Motrin box for the dosage to give my daughter, and I was angry that the Motrin makers had changed the print on the box from small to teeny tiny.  It never occurred to me that the problem was my eyes, not the box.  Then the menus at our favorite restaurant suddenly become unreadable, no matter how far away or how close I’d hold the menu to my face.  I was able to ignore that for a long time by always ordering the same thing and not looking at the menu. Then I found I couldn’t read in bed because the light from my nightstand lamp wasn’t strong enough. Finally I accepted the fact that I was half blind and went to the doctor.  Yep, my eyes are old.  Time for glasses.

2.  I work out 5 times a week during the school year.  I work out zero times a week during the summer.   I see people reading on the treadmills but I’d probably fall off the thing if I tried to do that.

3.  My husband doesn’t read.  He knows how, he just chooses not to.  The only book he has ever read is Of Mice and Men (by the way, he liked it- two thumbs up), and that was just so he wouldn’t flunk high school English.  He does, however, put up with my addiction to reading.

4.  I lost the nail on my big toe on my right foot doing a roundhouse kick in Tae Kwon Do a couple years ago.  It grew back deformed.  I wear sandals anyway (when I’m reading).

5.  I hate going to a person’s house who insists that people take off their shoes before entering.  Probably because of the deformed toenail thing.  One of my book club friends has all white carpeting and you check your shoes at the door.  I have to make sure I’m wearing decent socks or have my toes polished when it’s her month to host.           

6.  I drink 5 or 6 Diet Cokes a day.  It’s 7 am and I’m having my first one now.  My goal in the new year is to get off that chemical cocktail for good. But I always enjoy a Diet Coke when I’m reading.

7.  I have 4 junk drawers in my kitchen.  Most of it is the kids’ junk.  (Sure it is.)  No books in there, however.

Ok, so now ya’ll know how weird I am.  Are you weird too?  I’ll tag:  Patti, Sheri, Robin, Heather, Natalie, and anyone else who wants a reason to procrastinate!  Feel free to ignore the tag, as I usually do!