We Remember

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts around the flagpole on Patriot Day 2008.


Pinewood Derby Girls

On Saturday, my daughter’s troop raced their Pinewood Derby cars on the boy scout’s track, after the boys finished their races. These are the cars that came in 1st, 2nd (my daughter), and 3rd (left to right). There was some controversy, however. My daughter got a little advice from her grandpa, who was (is?) an Eagle Scout. He suggested she put graphite on the axel, but he told her to ask the boy scouts if that was allowed. She asked, and they said it was ok, so she did it. But then later it was suggested by one of the girl scout dads that maybe that wasn’t fair, so her 2nd place finish is a little tainted by that. In hindsight, maybe she should have shared her knowledge (and graphite) with the other girls. In any case, everyone had a good time. I’d never been to a Pinewood Derby and had no idea what a big deal it is to the boy scouts. After it was over, I asked the Scoutmaster if he thought the boys would want to race the girls next year. He said, “Oh, I don’t know about that.” Do you think he’s afraid of a little competition?