Highway Robbery

Road trips and Sunday drives are going to be a thing of the past (maybe they already are) if prices keep going up, up, up.  Why are they so freakin’ high, and how high can they get?  Hours after I snapped this picture I drove by another station right next to the freeway that had regular at $4.55!  That would be about 25 cents a mile for me.  I’m thinking about putting a little box in the car and dropping a quarter in for each mile I drive. Better yet, I’ll put a sign up saying “Mom’s Taxi” and refuse to leave the driveway unless the kids show me their rolls of quarters.. yeah!  There’s a plan!  

Will the gas prices affect what you do this summer?  Do you plan to stay close to home?  Will you try to save money in other areas to compensate for the higher fuel prices?

We’re lucky that we have several entertainment options within a few miles from our home.  The local water park opened a couple of weeks ago, and we decided to get season passes so that we can hang out there.  They’re open until 6pm, so yesterday I took the kids after school to kick off the summer.  The park was empty and they were able to go on everything without waiting in line.  I’m still recovering from the lasagna incident, so I stayed in the shade, dry and covered up, reading my book, while the kids had a blast in the wave pool.  

Along with the water park we will also be visiting the beach and Knott’s Berry Farm, both very nearby. My oldest will go to Girl Scout Camp, and both kids will attend VBS and swimming lessons at the high school.  We’ll spend two weeks with extended family in the Scranton, PA area (we go every year-the kids can’t wait to see their cousins). But mostly we’ll be hanging around the neighborhood, playing on the slip-n-slide, riding bikes, eating Otter Pops and swimming at Grandma’s house down the street.   

To find the cheapest gas prices, check out GasBuddy.com.  Just enter  your zip code and it searches for the lowest prices in area.