Google Image Meme

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An interesting MEME to try from Care’s Online Book Club (originally from KwJWrites blog…)    I’m going to tag:  Softdrink (she’s doing this blogging-every-day thing so she needs stuff to write about), Chartroose, and Mrs. Blogoway..  but you don’t have to be tagged to play along!  

Go to Google Image Search.  Type in the name of the last book you really enjoyed (I say that because you may not have enjoyed the last book you read).  Perform the search. Now, obviously you’re going to get pictures of the book cover, but see what else comes up, and how it relates to your life right now. “

Hmmmm…  look at that.  This worked amazingly well and not only relates to my life right now, it relates to the conversation I had less than an hour ago!  I entered the title of the book I’m currently reading (the magical, mystical Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen) into Google Images with no expectations at all, and up came all these photos of flowers and gardening and beautiful yards.  How appropriate for the first day of spring!  My hub and I were just discussing how we need to get our yard cleaned up and ready for warm weather, and how we need to get the weeds out of the side yard so the kids can plant green beans.   Time to get to work!