Nature is a Mother

Southern California is on fire. The numbers are staggering. 17 major fires, more than a thousand homes and businesses destroyed, thousands of acres burned, a quarter of a million people evacuated. Property loss will surely be in the billions. It is so massive that the smoke can even be seen on satellite images from space.

The firefighters are superhuman superheroes. They are risking their lives wearing 35 lb. suits and carrying up to 100 lbs. of gear in extreme heat, doing very physical work under the worst possible conditions on no sleep. Their resources are spread so thin because there are so many areas burning. There’s always an idiot who refuses to evacuate and puts the firefighters in an even more precarious situation trying to save his stupid ass.

Arson is suspected in some of the fires. One firefighter has lost his life, so the arsonist is now a murderer. It’s a very fluid situation and I can’t keep my eyes of off CNN.

98 degrees today, 0% humidity. Devil winds. A recipe for disaster. Hopefully cooler temperatures and higher humidity tomorrow will cut the firefighters some slack. Mother Nature needs to be a little more motherly.

Our part of Orange County is not ablaze, but it smells like a campfire. Our eyes sting. Our lungs burn. Our homes, cars, and driveways are covered in dust, dirt, ash and soot. The air quality is so poor that soccer practice has been cancelled all week. My kids suffer from allergies, so the wind and filthy air are making them miserable. I’m hoping the school will keep them inside at recess.

But our minor discomforts and complaints are nothing compared to those who are fighting these fires, and those who have been displaced and have lost their homes. My heart goes out to them.

A few things to think about at times like these: Are you adequately insured? Does your family have a disaster plan? Do you know what you would grab if you had just minutes to evacuate? Would you be able to tell the insurance company all the contents of your house? Are your important papers, insurance info., etc., easily accessible? It’s good to be prepared for anything that Mother Nature dishes out.

Now I feel bad about hanging up on Tina the other day.  But that was before the fires.