Random Stuff

A couple of things:

Why do 10 year old girls feel the need to change their clothes 5 or 6 times a day??  And why does something worn for less than an hour need to go in the hamper??  And when can children be reasonably expected to do their own laundry?

Why do 9 year old girls HATE to brush their hair?  And is it a reflection of my parenting skills if I allow her to walk around looking like she was raised by wolves in order to avoid a battle?

Why is there a sudden interest in my review of Loose Girl, a review I wrote back in April?  Can anyone explain why I would have 40+ hits today on that almost 4 month old review??  The book came out June 3rd (not today, not this week).  Why the sudden interest?  Hmmmm.

What’s for dinner?  WHO CARES!!  I’m so sick of hearing this question!!  I’m sick of trying to dream up something new night after night!!  I have such a problem with this in the summer.  We end up eating grilled cheese or hot dogs for lack of inspiration.  So my question to you is, What’s for dinner? Bonus points if you include an easy recipe.

How often do you change the sheets on your bed?  Be honest.  Do real people, with children and multiple beds, really change all the sheets on all the beds every week?  I’m so sick of this chore.  How old do my kids have to be before they can be trained to do it themselves?  

Ok, I’ll stop bitching about stuff now.  Just a reminder- my Queen of the Road giveaway ends tonight.  The Safety of Secrets giveaway started today and goes through August 8th.  Good luck!

Review: Loose Girl by Kerry Cohen

Desperate for attention from “boys” to give some meaning to her life, Kerry Cohen turned to sex at a young age as a way to feel worthwhile. Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity is about Cohen’s addiction to sex and male attention.

She wanted to matter to someone (anyone). Abandoned by a mother who left to follow her own dreams of becoming a doctor, Kerry and her sister (both in their young teens) are left behind to live with their pot-smoking dad. Dad tries to be cool in front of the girls’ friends, smoking pot with them and acting inappropriately with his girlfriend. Unsupervised much of the time, and with no parental guidance to speak of, some kids might start drinking, some might turn to drugs. Kerry just wanted boys.

The book is filled with sex, sex, sex, but is in no way sexy. It is one empty encounter after another. The girl had no shame; she’d sleep with anyone. She contracted crabs, genital warts, and had countless pregnancy scares. None of that really mattered, because sex allowed Kerry to feel in control momentarily. Unfortunately the feeling didn’t last long. Believing she was unworthy and incapable of any real relationship, she constantly and unsuccessfully tried to fill a bottomless pit of need.

Finally, in college, she discovered she cared about writing and enrolled in some workshops and programs that kept her engaged. She was still on the prowl for boys, but at least there was something more to her life. Her journey continued until she ultimately found love, trust and acceptance with a man. Trusting herself was more difficult.

Loose Girl will resonate with many readers. Many will feel compassion for Cohen. Many will recognize themselves or someone they are close to in Cohen’s story and perhaps learn from her experiences.

You can find Kerry Cohen’s website HERE

Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity comes out June 3, 2008.

Cohen is also the author of the YA novel, Easy.

Thanks to Trish for sending me this ARC.