Teddy’s Big Adventure

On Saturday there was a frantic search going on for Teddy, L.’s hamster. He got out of his cage overnight, and no one is sure how that happened. I was kind of numb knowing there was a rodent loose in my house. The girls consulted their Hamster Care book (their bible) and it said, do not panic, remain calm. Ha! It said put out food and it will probably come back. I was quite sure he was hiding in all the junk in her room. She had piles of stuff all over and all she could do was sit on the floor “remaining calm”. I told her to go through all her junk and stuffed animals, etc. under her chair and under her bed, but she prefered to not panic and remain calm, waiting with food in the middle of the floor. Grrrrrrrr.

K. searched everywhere, L. was paralyzed, and I was just pissed off. Dad got involved at that point and started pulling things out, vacuuming up hamster bedding and dust, moving things around, looking in the closet, etc. while L. just curled up in a ball and cried. On the plus side, her room has never been so clean.

We finally gave up and went about our day (it was Bob’s birthday and he didn’t want to spend all day searching for Teddy). We figured he was sleeping in some little nook somewhere, burrowed into L.’s stuff, and would reappear at night, nocturnal creature that he is. At least that’s what I told her. I really thought we’d smell something in a few days and would follow our noses to a dead hamster.

Later on, after we got home from the birthday dinner, L. went up to go to bed, when she heard a scampering sound. She used superhuman strength to move her bed away from the wall by herself (the kid only weighs 58 lbs,). It reminded me of stories you hear about people who get a rush of adrenaline and are able to lift a car to save a life. Anyway, there was Teddy. He ran right to her. She is one happy girl, but judging from the way Teddy was furiously biting at the bars of his cage last night, I suspect he’d rather be loose in the house, having a big adventure.