National Salute to a Hospitalized Veteran Week

soldier2bc4Did you know that Feb 14th thru the 21 is National Salute to a Hospitalized Veteran Week?

The week of February 14 is devoted to remembering Americans who have sacrificed so much for their country.  Across the nation, nearly 100,000 veterans are cared for each day in medical centers, outpatient clinics, and nursing homes.  Some are blessed with family who visit regularly, but others are not as fortunate.  It is up to us as a society to remember their sacrifices.

I read about this national salute over at Patti’s blog, Displaced Beach Bums.  I don’t personally know any hospitalized veterans, but she does.  A soldier who was attached to her husband’s unit sustained serious injuries while on deployment in Iraq in early 2007, injuries which required the amputation of his leg.  He is still recovering nearly 2 years later.  What’s more- his wife left him and he lost contact with  many friends due to his extended stay in the hospital.   Sounds like he could use a little moral support.

Click over to Patti’s blog and leave a comment and she will let you know how to send a card or care package to this brave young man.  If you’re sending out valentines anyway this February 14th, maybe you could send an extra one to him as a reminder that American’s are grateful for his service and sacrifice and that we care about our soldiers.  I would love to flood his mailbox with cards and notes to let him know he is appreciated!