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Catalog December 13, 2007

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Do you use any of the online book-cataloguing sites, like Library Thing or Shelfari? Why or why not? (Or . . . do you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking to?? (grin))

If not an online catalog, do you use any other method to catalog your book collection? Excel spreadsheets, index cards, a notebook, anything?


I have no method.  I am catalog-free.  I don’t keep track of the books I’ve read or the books I own on spreadsheets, cards, or notebooks.   I guess I’m not very analytical that way.  Is that a bad thing??

I started listing my books on Shelfari but didn’t keep up with it.  I like the IDEA of cataloging my books, but the practice of it is too time consuming for me.  I’ve never looked at Library Thing (<–making a mental note to check that out next time I’m surfing the ‘net).

Initially, this blog was my feeble attempt at keeping track of what my book club has read, and my thoughts on those books, but it has morphed into something a little different.   I’m still using it for that purpose, but I also use it to make connections with other readers, to sort out my feelings, to document my days.  I’m enjoying this new (to me)  form of communication.

What about you?  Do you catalog your books?