Weekend Update: Vegas with the Old Guy

A few posts ago, I did a Travel Reading Meme to get some ideas for reading material for a road trip to Vegas, celebrating the old guy’s big birthday, but at the last minute, we decided to fly. It’s such a quick trip from Long Beach that I hardly did any reading at all, taking advantage instead of Jet Blue’s nice comfy seats and satellite tv.

I watched a hilarious Millionaire Matchmaking show on Bravo (a channel we don’t get at home), laughing at the way these bimbos were pimping themselves out to the highest bidder. It kind of went like this: “I’m a beauty with giant boobs, and I have expensive tastes, so I deserve a man with money.” And the guys.. “I have no personality or fashion sense, and I’m not very good looking, but I have a lot of money. I want a beautiful woman with giant boobs!” Not a love match, perhaps, but a match nonetheless.

We arrived in Vegas in the early evening. The city was pulsating with people and lights and energy, and we got really caught up in it. As soon as we checked in at our hotel downtown, we tossed our bags into our room and hit the casino. GACK&^%$%# the smoke was nasty!! It was so poorly ventilated in the main casino that you could see the smoke hanging in the air. It stung my eyes and made it hard to breathe, and I just could not be there. We found another area near the sports book that was better, situated close to a door that was open to Fremont Street. I parked myself at a blackjack table and hardly moved all weekend.

My brother arrived Saturday and we had fun playing black jack together. He plays like I do (the RIGHT way) so he was not annoying to be with at the table, unlike the old guy, who splits 10s and stays on soft 14. We cannot play at the same table because his life is in danger from the possibility that I might KILL him!

My brother was able to get tickets for The Ultimate Fighting Challenge at the Mandalay Bay Saturday night, so he and the old guy went. Apparently it was a BIG DEAL fight (?) with Brock somebody or other who was famous for something else (you can see how much attention I paid to the two of them as they babbled on about it). It’s too violent and testosterone-laden for me, so I stayed behind at the black jack tables. Please don’t feel sorry for me for being left behind. I had a blast and even won a few hundred dollars.

Super Bowl Sunday is the one day all year that I’m a football fan, and it was fabulous!! What a game! We didn’t attend the party that our hotel put on (standing room only) but instead found comfy fat leather seats in a noisy bar adjacent to the sports book and watched the game there. We took the Giants with the points and were thrilled to see them win. My ears are still ringing from the old guy screaming into them (he gets worked up over football). I briefly felt a tiny bit bad for Tom Brady and the Patriots for blowing their history making undefeated season… until we cashed in our winnings.. then it was back to celebrating!

On Sunday night we saw a weirdly cool show at the Wynn called Le Reve. It was part theater, part acrobatics, part water show, synchronized swimming, pyrotechnics, lights, smoke, angels, devils, heaven and hell… fabulous!! At first we were trying to understand it, analyzing the symbolism and trying to figure out the message, but we were making ourselves crazy. At some point we each decided (I found out later) to stop trying to figure it all out and just enjoy it. It was quite something, but I’m not entirely sure what!

The kids (oh, yeah, I forgot I had kids!) stayed with Grandma, and by Sunday night were missing us pretty badly. L. invented a leg injury at bedtime and called me crying about it. I got her calmed down and feeling better, then K. got on the phone. She was fine and was chuckling about L. getting upset, so I said, “She’s ok, she just misses me.” and K. said, “I miss you too, Mama!” and burst into tears. If I hadn’t been all liquored up from the Super Bowl, I might have been more sympathetic, but it was hard not to laugh (of course, I didn’t laugh out loud at my babies-I did it silently, in my head, and again with the old guy after I hung up with them!) This is the longest I’ve ever been away from them.

We had a great time, but on Monday we were ready to come home. I love Vegas in small doses and 3 days is enough. It was good to get away, though. The kids survived and it was fun to just be a couple for a few days. The old guy and I decided we need to get away more often.

The Old Guy

My husband Bob had a big birthday on Sunday. He’s quite shocked that someone as young and good looking as he is could be half a century old, or as our daughters are fond of saying, “Halfway to 100!” We celebrated with birthday cake for breakfast, a visit to “Color Me Mine” to paint pottery, and dinner at Benihana’s with my parents. Next weekend we’ll REALLY celebrate with a long weekend in Vegas to watch the Super Bowl (the kids will stay with Grandma). And his big birthday present, a Racing Adventure with Drive Tech at California Speedway, won’t happen until March 1st. Gentlemen, start your engines!