James Lipton Meme

I’ve been tagged for a fun meme by Chartroose,

Here goes: 

I can justify playing with James Lipton’s questionnaire because he has written a memoir which was published several months ago, so this is kinda sorta book related.  Since the Academy Awards are coming up, I thought it would be fun to try this.  Lipton is so filled with affectation that I always cringe when he mentions the “great Bernard Pivot” before doing the questionnaire.  Who is Bernard Pivot anyway?  I know he hosted some French talk shows, but what’s so great about that?  Is it really that difficult?  If Maury Povich can do it, anyone can.  Here’s a picture of Bernard Pivot:




He looks like a nice grandfatherly type of guy.  Maybe Lipton is right and Bernard Pivot really is “great.”


Here is the questionnaire along with my answers: 

1.  What is your favorite word?  Luscious, symmetry, alliteration.  I like the sound of them and I’m always looking for clever ways to use them in everyday conversation.  (I don’t really have a favorite word but I do like those).  If by favorite word they mean one I use too frequently, this week’s word would be “random”.  

2.  What is your least favorite word?  vomit

3.  What turns you on creatively, spiritually or emotionally?  Photography and scrapbooking, things I don’t do nearly enough anymore.    

4.  What turns you off?  Mean people.  Inflexible people with a superiority complex. 

5.  What is your favorite curse word?  I like Barnacles! and Tartar sauce!  I guess I watch too much Spongebob.

6.  What sound or noise do you love?  Whispering and giggling, waves crashing on the beach, rain on the roof, crickets chirping on a summer night. 

7.  What sound or noise do you hate?  My kids fighting with each other, loud snoring at 3am when I’m trying to sleep.

8.  What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?  Professional photographer, editor, writer.

9.  What profession would you not like to do?  Public speaking of any kind.

10.  If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates?  You’re only human, you did the best you could.  Don’t be afraid, you’ve come to the right place!  

This is fun!  Try it and you’ll see.  I’m tagging anyone who wants to play.


Connecting Through Words- Booking Through Thursday

Connecting Words November 19, 2007

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Okay, today’s question is going to be a little different. First, I’m posting it early because Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the U.S. and I’m going to be busy making and eating turkey as I’m sure some of you will also be, so I want to give everyone time to play. And two, because I’m basically going to link you through to somebody else’s blog with a question that I thought was pretty interesting.

Joanna and Brad are asking about “connecting words,” and they don’t mean conjunctions like “and” or “but.” No, what they’re looking for are unique, or treasured words that we’ve found out and about in our daily travels, words that might not be common usage, or often heard, but which struck a chord for some reason.

This is unorthodox, of course, but here’s the thing: if you link back to Joanna’s post (which is where the rules are written), you’re eligible to win a prize. Not to mention joining in some great conversation about interesting words.


I’m not sure I fully understand what this particular Booking through Thursday is about, but I’m going to give it a shot.

Every family has little things they say.  Private jokes and shared history work together to create a family’s verbal shorthand.  Using these words are a way we stay close, make memories, and connect on a level that isn’t shared with anyone outside of our little family circle.

Here is some of our verbal shorthand:

Comf in the cab –  From when my daughters went to camp this summer—it is short for ‘comfortable in the cabin’.  But now it describes being warm and cozy anywhere.

  – When my husband wants pizza for dinner, he says “I’ve got a hankerin’”.  We think he’s weird.

The 3 C’s (casual, cute, comfy) –  My 10 yr old’s measure of an outfit’s worth, while we’re shopping or when she’s getting ready to go to school.  Does it have the 3 C’s?  If so, buy it (or wear it)!

“Wusty” – spoken in a baby voice when we see any golden retriever puppy (our first puppy, our first pet as a couple, was named Rusty).

“Hooked and cooked?”  Translation- Does everyone have their seatbelts on?

“Let’s go – Teeth, hair, Singulair” – My morning reminder for my kids to brush their teeth, brush their hair, and take their allergy medicine.

Does your family have it’s own verbal shorthand?  Do you feel it helps you to stay close?  I’d love to hear about it!

Happy Turkey Day to you and your family!