6 Years of Book Club

Six years.  11 regular members (although we’ve had as many as 13).  70 different books (we skipped two months).  Math is not my strong suit but even I can see that 11 x 70=770 individual books.  Some were borrowed from the library, but the vast majority were purchased in paperback, on Kindles, on Nooks, and on iPads.   That’s a whole lot of purchasing!


We talk and talk and talk about the books we read.  We dissect them.  We dog-ear them and mark them up.  Some of us go crazy with highlighters, others prefer post-it notes.


We share recommendations with each other.  We pass books around from member to member and have side conversations about those books.  Gone Girl is currently making the rounds, and before that it was The Help and before that, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Most of us have read those books now even though they were never actually selected for book club discussion.


When one of us falls in love with an author, we fall hard.  We’ll read their next book and we’ll read all their previous books.  We’ve discussed Lisa See’s books 3 times.


We tell our friends about the books we’ve discussed.  We blab about them at hair salons, grocery stores, offices, our kids’ schools.  We talk books at parties and backyard BBQs and family dinners.  We encourage people to read the books we love when we’re in a bookstore or staring at the stacks of books in Costco.  We gush about them on Facebook.


browniesI understand now why publishers court book clubs.  Book club members love books, book clubs buy books and book clubs sell books.  If any publishers would like to court us and donate a set of 11 books to help us celebrate our 6th anniversary in March, we would gladly accept, wink wink 😉  You would not have to twist our arms.


Six years.  770 books for our little club, plus countless more that were purchased by others on the pure enthusiasm of our 11 members.  Book clubs really are a powerful force!  And we also like to eat.  Pass the brownies.

CLICK HERE to see which 70 titles we’ve read in our first 6 years!


11 Responses

  1. I’m impressed! I think I’ll be lucky if my book club stays together for a year.

  2. Wow!! Haven’t gotten a post from you in my reader in like, forever!! My book club… the one I’ve been a part of for so long is going into it’s 15th year, but this past year I bowed out because of obnoxious people and the group feeling the need to put it on Meet-up.com. We already have loonies and now there are more. I may drop but I still read the books.

    You group sounds great. I wish I lived nearby.

  3. Congratulations on 6 years, Lisa! I took a look at your book list–I’ve read many of the books and/or have seen the movies made from them. Nice to read a post from you again!

    • Thank you! I’m proud of us 🙂 I’ve seen a few movies from our book list… The Kite Runner, The Other Boleyn Girl, The Jane Austen Book Club, Into the Wild, The Time Traveler’s Wife, The Hunger Games and The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. There are several others that I didn’t see… Ethan Frome, Eat, Pray, Love, Sarah’s Key, Life of Pi, Water for Elephants, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower, for instance. I would like to check them out at some point, but I’m not always in a big rush to see a movie after I’ve read a book, esp if I’ve really loved a book. I need a little time to go by so that I don’t completely pick the movie apart.

  4. Sounds like you have a great book club! I’m a member of a book club I started in 2001. I should do a post like this. I really enjoyed yours!

    • We do have a great book club! I’d love to read a post like that from you. 12 years is a long time… would love to hear the secret of your success!

  5. Book clubs are amazing, and I love that you have been with yours for 6 years. It’s such a great thing to be able to talk books with people who really get them and care about them so much. Happy Book Club Anniversary!

  6. I adore the women in my book club but I have the hardest time getting them to read the books. I’d LOVE to find a club that really wanted to read and discuss the books. You are so lucky!

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