Review: The Alexander Cipher by Will Adams

51olwpvwbnl_sl500_aa240_Because I can only read 1-2 books a week, here’s another review from Elaine, my wonderful book club friend and guest reviewer. Thanks to Miriam at Hachette Book Group for sending this ARC to us!

Fasten your seat belts for The Alexander Cipher!  Author Will Adams is about to take you for an exciting ride through Egypt, with Daniel Knox, archeologist, diver, and all around nice guy, as he sneaks into archeological excavations, trying to find one of history’s great hidden treasures – the tomb of Alexander the Great.  

If you like historical action/adventures like Indiana Jones and National Treasure, this novel is for you.  Daniel Knox starts a chain of events by coming to the aid of a young, naïve girl on one of his dive boats, beating up (and embarrassing) a rich and powerful bad guy, and the chase begins.  Even though Knox knows he should leave Egypt altogether to avoid pain and/or death, he decides to hang around when he hears about an exciting new archeological find in a building site in Alexandria.  He stealthily joins in the fray, along with government officials, Macedonian loyalists, and seekers of knowledge and fortune, all trying to crack the code that will lead them to the tomb of Alexander the Great.  The chase becomes even more complicated with the inclusion of two women who both have connections to Knox’s past, and a long-time nemesis who wants him out of the picture as well.  What Knox has waiting for him along his quest are a plethora of chase scenes, shoot ‘em ups, and close calls. With all these people chasing him, how can Knox possibly get out of all of these fixes alive, find Alexander the Great, and save the girl? 

As someone who is not knowledgeable about ancient Greece or Egypt, I had to read this novel with my “thinking cap” on and an atlas on my lap.  Author Adams gives tons of information about Alexander’s life and conquests, as well as Egyptian geography and Macedonian politics.   These facts, along with the multitude of story lines, characters, and rivalries, cause the novel to become quite confusing at times (I did have to flip back in the book once or twice to refresh my memory).   The book’s point of view also jumps around, following the actions and thoughts of the many different good and bad characters involved, adding to the frenetic nature to this book.  

Yes, it all sounds pretty crazy – and it is.  This may spoil the enjoyment of the book for some, but I thought it was loads of fun.  Daniel Knox is already my new action/adventure heart throb.  

Blogger Bio:  Elaine Legere is a stay-at-home mommy and part-time marketing consultant, after years of working for Disney, Palm (aka Palm Pilot), Los Angeles Times, and Details Magazine.  She received her BA at UCLA in English Literature and an MBA from University of Colorado. She is an avid reader, loves movies, and all things outdoors.

The Alexander Cipher will be released March 18, 2009.

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  1. A book like Indiana Jones sounds great to me!

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