Holy MATRIMONY! Another Giveaway!

Matrimony by Joshua Henkin has just been released in paperback, and to celebrate, Josh has generously agreed to give one lucky winner a signed copy of his book!  Isn’t the cover beautiful?  The hardcover has toothbrushes on it, but I prefer the shoes.  Those little blue ones are cute.  OF course, they’d never work on my big size 10 feet,  but they are definitely cute.

I’m not going to make you jump through hoops to win.  I learned my lesson with my last giveaway!  You don’t have to read anything or find anything this time.  You just have to leave a comment about marriage.  We all have an opinion on that!  Here’s my opinion:  Marriage is not for wimps.

Leave a comment here by Monday, September 22nd.  Josh will pick the winner.

Many people have reviewed this book.  And Josh has done many guest posts.  And he really likes book clubs!  Later today, after the kids are off to school, the appliance repairman leaves, and I finish helping my husband pack for his trip to China, I will post links.

IN the meantime, check out Josh Henkin’s website HERE

**********OK!  HERE ARE ALL THE PROMISED LINKS!***************

Check out Josh’s fabulous guest post he wrote for Books on the Brain, in which he encourages book clubs to branch out beyond the 12 or so popular titles making the rounds: HERE

He’s also been visiting the litblogs recently and I’ve particularly enjoyed his posts at The Elegant Variation. 24 posts in all!  Busy boy!!  Don’t miss “What Gets Taught in a Creative Writing Class?,” “My Favorite Writing Exercise,” and “Present-Tense Fiction Redux.” Good stuff for writers.

Matrimony, for those who haven’t heard, is a New York Times Notable Book.  This is not fluff, people.  Here are just a few of the fine bloggers who have reviewed this book:

Chartroose of Bloody Hell, It’s a Book Barrage!

Jennifer of The Literate Housewife
Trish of Hey lady! Whatcha readin’?
Gautami of My Own Little Reading Room
Bookfool of Bookfoolery and Babble
Mrs. S of 50 Book Challenge
Heather J. of Age 30 – A Year of Books
Gayle of Everyday I Write the Book Blog
Becca of The Inside Cover
Dewey of Hidden Side of a Leaf
Tanabata of In Spring it is the Dawn
Trish of Trish’s Reading Nook
Amy of My Friend Amy
Julie of Booking Mama 
Bethany of B&b Ex Libris

Rebecca of The Book Lady’s Blog

Best of luck!  Leave a comment about marriage by Monday, Sept. 22nd for a chance to win a signed paperback copy of Matrimony!

41 Responses

  1. Maybe I’ll finally win this time … I think I’ll say, marriage takes work. I’m not married yet, but I hear it a lot, so it seems appropriate.

  2. Marriage is not about getting your own way. Boy, have I learned this one. At least we’re still married! Our 8th anniversary is tomorrow the 16th!

  3. Marriage, to me, has an infinite amount of possibilities; it’s a mystery.

    Congratulations, Anna, on your anniversary!

  4. Marriage is not for wimps. They forget to tell us that “Happily ever after” comes with some serious conditions. But if you gird your loins and get your act together, you can definitely live happily ever after, barring the occasional pair of dirty socks on the floor 🙂 And congratulations Anna on your 8th anniversary!

  5. Marriage is an ongoing work in progress with great rewards throughout! I’ve had ups and I’ve had downs but the ups far outweigh the downs!

  6. I’m not married either, but from the marriages I’ve seen, I would say, it takes two to tango!
    Thanks for a chance to win this book, and for all the hard work you have put into your blog.

    geebee.reads AT gmail DOT com

  7. Looks like a really interesting book. Thanks for the chance!

  8. Love makes a family!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this interesting book.

  9. Marriage is a two way street and neither way is the right one.

    Please enter me.

  10. marriage is the struggle of two people who love each other to keep that love alive in the midst of one another’s foibles and need for alone time, while still supporting the other in their time of need.

  11. I love the title of this post. Here is my thought on marriage: Marriage is something that I am looking forward to beginning soon!!!

  12. Great idea 🙂 Ok, since I’m in year two of my marriage I have to say that the first year of marriage was insanely tough and stressful but I am thoroughly enjoying this year and looking forward the many more years together. So…Marriage is something that I have to learn to lose my selfishness but also not lose myself to keep the marriage alive. Marriage is worth it all.

  13. Marriage is like a rollercoaster ride. It has its thrills, exhilarations, sharp turns and dips. This month I will celebrate 22 years and hope to celebrate many more!

  14. I can’t turn around in my fuzzy slippers without bumping into this book somewhere in the blogosphere. It’s like the latest fall must-have accessory.

  15. Marriage is teamwork. When the team doesn’t pull together you both lose. Married 30+ years, still pulling! Thanks

  16. marriage is hard work and compromise.

  17. I have entered to win this book so many places! I HAVE to win one of them doncha think? 🙂

    Ummmm…… marriage is sometimes wonderful and sometimes frustrating. Marriage is a good thing, so don’t be scard of it.

  18. To share your life with someone in marriage, you must be willing to compromise, and always be in your partner’s corner.

  19. I have this book to review, I cannot wait to read it 😀

  20. Oh gosh this is a giveaway, don’t enter me!!!!!!

  21. OK, I’m in…

    Remember to laugh with your spouse…..don’t forget, you were friends once.

  22. Hands down, healthy and effective communication!

    No need to enter me, Lisa. I just wanted to say how awesome it is that Josh Henkin has embraced book bloggers in such a huge way.

  23. Marriage is for people who truly love each other, imperfections and all.

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  24. Marriage is totally worth the risks, the work and sharing of viruses.

  25. This is hard!!! I keep deleting, because I don’t mean to sound negative. So I’ll just say…
    Marriage is not how I choose to celebrate my relationship.

  26. I don’t believe in marriage anymore. 🙂 It’s a social, religious and political construct that doesn’t really have any bearing on modern society 🙂

    ..but I’ll read a book about it! Thanks for the contest 😀

  27. I am very curious about the reasons behind many of the posts here, especially the last one by softdrink!

  28. Marriage and takes a lot of work.
    I am not married myself. But I do notice it takes pulling and tugging.,Compromises on both sides. I have always seen that opposites do attract in all marriages. I guess it would not work of both partners were the dominate one. There is alway the happy go lucky partner. And then there is the serious one who makes the decisions. It seems to work out that way.

  29. Marriage takes work in order to stay strong…putting the ring on their finger is not the end…it is the beginning. Left alone, marriage withers and dies.

  30. Marriage saved my life.

  31. I can’t imagine my life without the teamwork, love, and support of my marriage.

  32. Marriage is like a road trip. You can either follow the map or just go for it and see what adventures lie ahead. At times you may feel like dumping your fellow passenger at the next rest stop. But if you can handle the bumps and turns, the good memories will probably eclipse the bad.

  33. Marriage is a commitment. If you are not committed to making it work, it won’t. It won’t always be hearts and flowers. You might not always be sure that you love the person you are with, but if you can find a way through those times, marriage can be very rewarding.

  34. Marriage is not for everyone, and it’s not for me or you to judge people for their life decisions. I am 30 and have been married twice. My first marriage didn’t work (obviously 🙂 but my second is wonderful. Marriage is right for me, but there are several people whom I love who will never be married – and I KNOW they are happy, too. Sometimes, love and marriage are two very different things.

  35. Marriage is a public commitment of a private relationship. It is the biggest stand up and be counted moment most people will ever have.
    Although I am not religious, the old vows sum up the expectations of such a relationship very succinctly – for better for worse,or richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, keeping only to one partner for life. Hard to do, but brilliant when successful.
    I’ve been married for over 30 years, and like the humourous quote, I’ve often thought of murdering my husband but never thought of divorcing him. We argue all the time, we never stop laughing, we cheer one another up when feeling low, we’ve nursed each other through various ailments, we’ve sulked, dieted, raised children, faced financial woes together, we never stop talking….I am really looking forward to the next 25 years together, wrinkles, expanding waistlines and all.

  36. Marriage is a choice that I wasn’t ready to make until the age of 30! My husband is 7 years younger than I. Of the two of use, I have made serious financial choices and he has gotten us out of debt more than once. It finally came down to my family or my spending problem. I have since joined Debtor’s Anonymous and have been doing quite well. Our two sons and my husband even tell me how proud they are of my change!!!!!
    We celebrated 22 years of marriage this May! I would do it all over again. Marriage takes time and effort, but what else is worth as much of your energy?! Thanks, Cindi

  37. We’ve just celebrated 32 years of marriage–i wouldn’t say it’s all been easy, but i wouldn’t trade it for anything. 🙂

  38. I’ve been married for 17 years. I was previously engaged to someone who was killed by a drunk driver. My fiancee then was my soul mate and I honestly didn’t think I would ever find another good man who could love me the way that he did. Especially since we had known each other for 12 years…had been through breakups and split-ups from others…before we ever thought that just maybe we as two really good BFF should be dating. My world came crashing down when he was killed!

    At that time, my husband was just a male friend…but a friend in deed…who knew that I was working 60-80 hour weeks to kill the pain. He would stop by ever so often to check on me and make sure that I was taking care of myself. He also started to ask me out…he knew that I enjoyed going to the movies so we had a movie date every Friday and Saturday…I can’t believe that we found that many good movies to see…lol.

    One day I looked up and realized that he had a lot of good traits and he was someone that I could fall in love with it if I allowed myself to do so. But it was a little scary and I realized that I hesitated and was a little afraid because he reminded me so much of my dead fiancee.

    Hubby/ We started dating and 9 months later we were married. We will celebrate our 17th anniversary on October 5th.
    Together we’ve had two kids, purchased two homes, gone through I don’t know how many job changes…including me leaving a very good job after 13 years because…sigh…the death of parents and grandparents…a bout with breast cancer I’m an 8 year survivor and even tho’ my husband is a breast man…if it was the breast or me…well he chose Me…I could have reconstructive surgery but he could never get another me…and with a name like Yasmin…you must know that I’m very unique and no one even comes close to being me. 😉

    Marriage is accepting each other as you are…in sickness and in health…for richer for poorer…for better for worst.

    Marriage …when it’s good…it’s real good…and it’s like hanging out with your BFF!

    I hope to spend the rest of my life with my husband…because honestly I can be a diva to live with and no one else understands me the way he does.

  39. Marriage is not as easy at it looks!

  40. […] a comment about marriage by Sept. 22nd for a chance to win a signed paperback edition of Matrimony by Joshua Henkin For a chance to win Agatha Christie’s Poirot: The Complete Collection DVD Set leave a comment by […]

  41. […] a comment about marriage by Sept. 22nd for a chance to win a signed paperback edition of Matrimony by Joshua Henkin For a chance to win Agatha Christie’s Poirot: The Complete Collection DVD Set leave a comment by […]

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